Live In Carer.

Mum needed care and prior to dad passing away she was not very well in herself I just think she needed to have I need someone in the house with her I realised I needed care and I needed somebody in the house to help me because I couldn’t cope and I had a lot to cope with.

I tried one company but unfortunately they let me down very badly so I didn’t more and I found a live in care company and I phoned and spoke to a representative and from there on I just carried on for four years now. Joanna has been a great help with day to day life. ¬†She helps me in the morning since I have to get into the shower and to have a shower and then to help me get dressed. She comes and gets the breakfast ready for me and we sit together and have breakfast. Some days we go sailing, Joanna takes me there in the car helps me down to the pontoon.

Then if we need to go shopping Joanna take me shopping. I am having to go to the nurse quite frequently and she takes me there and she gets the meals at lunchtime and at suppertime and then in at bedtime. I can go into the bathroom and do things like clean my teeth and sort myself out and then she has to help me to get into into bed. Having someone in the house with Mum all the time is brilliant it means that minor things that I would need to come and fix or do in in the house. She has someone here to do them with her and help her with I know she’s happy I know she’s safe it’s great I don’t have to worry about all the trips that mum takes I know she’s safe.

There is someone watching over her then we also go out together that’s myself and my husband mum and Joanna and it allows them to have a little bit of time away as well but it allows me time to sit and talk to Mum and have a really nice time with my Mum.

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